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Friday, February 08, 2008

Vineyard Central hosting “Stop Human Traffiking” event

Recently, Jeremiah Griswold, Administrator of Norwood’s Vineyard Central Church, emailed us about an amazing effort to fight human trafficking underway right here in Norwood. Next Saturday, we’re all invited to the church to learn what the fight is all about and how we can help end this scourge against humanity. A Vineyard task force has already been formed, they’re working on a documentary, and…but we’ll let Mr. Griswold tell you all about it in his own words. Here’s his email:

"Life is the gift of our Creator...and it should never be for sale. There is a terrible wickedness afoot in the world...and it has taken root in our own backyard. That wickedness is modern-day slavery...also known as human trafficking. What is Human Trafficking? Who are the victims of trafficking? Who are the traffickers? Where is it happening? How can our local community join the fight? We will wrestle with these questions and explore what is human trafficking and how we can join the fight...

Steven Hamilton is a member of the pastoral staff at the Central Maryland Vineyard. He is helping to facilitate an informal task force within the Vineyard to empower their fight against human trafficking. The Vineyard task force is currently in the midst of filming a documentary and will host a conference in September 2008. Steven was formerly a researcher with the Department of Homeland Security and currently works with trafficking survivors in Ukraine and the U.S."

Event: Stop human trafficking!
When: Saturday, February 16; 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Where: St. Elizabeth’s Church (Vineyard Central) at 1757 Mills Avenue
More information: 396-7202