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Thursday, October 11, 2012

NCS rated EXCELLENT for second year in a row!

Guest blog by Superintendent Rob Amodio

 The Ohio Department of Education has posted the final report card designations for all public schools in the state of Ohio. For the second year in a row the Norwood City School District has been designated by O.D.E as EXCELLENT!  Williams Avenue Elementary became the first school in the history of the district to be designated as Excellent With Distinction! Over the last three years the staff and students have led the district to exponential growth in all areas of academic growth!

Congratulations and job well done to each and every staff member, student, parent and community member who have placed so much passion, effort into making our district a truly EXCELLENT school district.

Listed below are the ratings for each individual building as well the district wide for the last three school years.  Congratulations again to all on a job well done!!

High School
2010 Effective 9/12 indicators 97.1 PI
2011 Excellent 11/12 indicators 100.4 PI
2012 Excellent 11/12 indicators 101 PI

Middle School 
2010 Effective 3/6 indicators 93.1 PI
2011 Excellent 5/6 indicators 94.6 PI
2012 Excellent 5/6 indicators 97.5 PI 

View Elementary 
2010 Effective 7/10 indicators 90.8 PI
2011 Effective 7/10 indicators 93.9 PI
2012 Effective 9/10 indicators 99.4 PI 

Sharpsburg Elementary 
2010 Effective 6/10 indicators 93.2 PI
2011 Effective 6/10 indicators 90.8 PI
2012 Excellent 8/10 indicators 95.3 PI

Williams Elementary 
2010 Continuous Improvement 3/10 indicators 86.7 PI
2011 Effective 5/10 indicators 92.1 PI
2012 Excellent With Distinction 10/10 indicators 97.3 PI

2010 Continuous Improvement 16/26 indicators 92.7 PI
2011 Excellent 20/26 indicators 94.7 PI
2012 Excellent 23/26 indicators 98.3 PI

Rob Amodio
Norwood City Schools