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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Band Boosters’ treasurer repays stolen $8000, accepted into diversion program

Channel 12 is reporting that longtime Norwood Band Boosters’ treasurer Sherri Walker, charged with stealing $8,000 of the group’s funds, has offered various explanations why the money “disappeared” from her home where she kept it following a November fundraiser.  When boosters’ checks started bouncing early this year, she responded by submitting  fraudulent bank statements to both the organization and school officials.  Then when questioned by the Norwood Police in March, she now says she lied when she told them she took the money to pay for her husband’s medical bills.  Channel 12 reports she’s also said she’s taking responsibility although someone else in her household actually took the money. 

Walker refused an on camera interview with reporter Rich Jaffe but did admit she took the money.  NCS Superintendent Rob Amodio agrees with this version and told Jaffe by phone that “flat out that Walker stole from Norwood's children.”

Fortunately for Norwood’s band members, Walker has repaid the money, which Band Boosters raise throughout the year expressly to help pay for childrens' fees to attend band camp each summer. As for Sherri Walker, she has been accepted into the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s diversion program for first time offenders.

Click here to view the Channel 12 video and transcript.