Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, May 25, 2012

Alert: Thieves still stealing Norwood A/C units

Unfortunately, one of our readers was the victim of an A/C thief a few days ago and sent this account:

“Two days ago we came outside to find that our house's A/C unit had been torn open and the condenser coil had been stolen. Presumably the thieves wanted the copper inside it to sell for scrap. Norwood PD arrived promptly to take a report, and the officer shared that there has been a rash of A/C unit thefts in recent weeks. The thieves get maybe $50 (likely less) for the scrap metal, and homeowners are left with a $1000+ replacement bill. Please tell people to keep their eyes open. Warn your neighbors, and look out for them, too.”

Yes, we all need to be on the watch.  Westfield Insurance also has some suggestions here for how to protect A/C units from theft, including alarms that can be installed.