Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New: Norwood Is Beautiful blog

One of our readers recently came across the new Norwood Is Beautiful blog and sent us the link. It was introduced this past December with this brief entry: 

“This blog is all, or mostly, about Norwood, OH, where I live. It’s a suburb of Cincinnati, OH, and exists as a city within a city. I’ve lived in Cincinnati all my life, and lived in Norwood for 11 years. It’s an interesting place. Let me tell you how interesting.”

We enjoyed our first visit to Norwood Is Beautiful so much that we’ve installed a permanent link on the right
side of the page.  So far,  blog topics cover architecture, holidays, lawns, life in the Wood, and things to do, and photos are plentiful.  Take a tour!