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Friday, April 06, 2012

From the Norwood Health Dept.: Easter Egg Safety

Guest blog by Chandra Corbin, RN

Q: How long can hard-boiled eggs stay out at room temperature? The Easter basket looks empty without them!!

A: Your friendly U.S. Department of Agriculture says you can keep those colorful eggs in the Easter basket or out for an Easter egg hunt no longer than 2 hours. Otherwise, it says, they should be kept in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. If they're out for longer than two hours, you should NOT eat them. The USDA says, "Some people make two sets of eggs--one for decorating and hiding, another for eating."

Other suggestions:
1. Only use food-grade eggs and dyes to make colored eggs.
2. Don't hide eggs that have cracked shells. It is too susceptible to picking up bacteria from the environment.
3. Don't hide eggs in areas that are dirty or where they
are likely to come in contact with animals or other bacteria sources.
4. Eggs that are not found with-in two hours should not be eaten.
5. Make eggs to decorate and eat and use the plastic eggs filled with treats for the hunt.

Have a Happy & Health Easter Weekend.

Chandra Corbin, RN
Public Health Nurse
Norwood Health Department
2059 Sherman Avenue
Norwood, Ohio 45212