Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, March 02, 2012

A little praise for the NPD

One of us had an settling experience late yesterday afternoon. A petite, young woman rang the doorbell and could be seen immediately moving over to peer in the picture window. When the front door was opened to her, she asked for clothes for a small boy. Upon being told there any to give her, she flashed an angry look and said, “Well, you’re warm!”

The non-emergency Norwood police number was called, and the woman who answered was given an account of what had happened, a description of the young woman, and what direction she was walking after leaving. The woman said an officer would be sent out to investigate and would follow up later at the residence.

Literally, within minutes, the officer was at the door to report that he had located the subject and that she had also rung the doorbell of another house nearby asking for something other than clothes. He found her headed out of Norwood on foot, and he offered to expedite her departure with a free ride, which she refused.

In the scheme of police work, this was certainly a minor incident, but the speedy, professional way the NPD handled it was most appreciated. This kind of service goes a long way toward making residents feel safe and secure in the community. Thank you, Norwood police!