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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Exclusive: Preferred Landlord Program details

Founders of The Preferred Landlord Program, which is in the works via a partnership with the City, sent us the following cover letter and program outline to share with our readers. Do you think this approach will help fix the problems associated with Norwood rental properties?


Dear CBN:

Please find enclosed a general outline for your information concerning the Preferred Landlord Program. We have covered the most important aspects of the program and we believe that the bottom line will be a safer community, stability for homeowners and a greater profit margin for landlords plus a greater advantage for commercial economic interest.

The program came to light by concerned property owners who are dealing with the frustration of absentee landlords not having an interest in the City of Norwood or in maintaining their properties. Due to these concerns this program was developed in partnership with the City of Norwood but was created and maintained by the private sector being committed landlords within the city.

We plan to have a public meeting to formally introduce the program. We will notify you as soon as this meeting is scheduled.

Founding members of Preferred Landlord Program.

Preferred Landlord Program

The Preferred Landlord Program has been designed as a landlord oriented property management approach which offers landlords incentives to take responsibility for their tenants. The Preferred Landlord Program is attempting to address aspects of property management that may encourage the elimination of code violations and public nuisances while controlling and preventing illegal activity on rental properties that affect the quality perception of the community and neighborhood.

The Preferred Landlord Program is a completely voluntary program that requires:
· Landlord completes a landlord training program approved by PLL Board and the City of Norwood
· Landlord implements measures to reduce crime in rental housing
· Landlord follows specific guidelines in screening, accepting and retaining tenants on their properties
· Landlords must maintain properties free of criminal activity, code violations and other public nuisances
· Landlord operates and manages rental housing in accordance with applicable city ordinances

The Preferred Landlord Program policies include:
· Mandatory background checks on all adults who occupy the premises
· Mandatory 2 ID’s including driver’s license or state ID
· Mandatory Social Security
· Names, dates of birth, and relationship to tenant of all who will occupy the premises
· Landlords must agree to follow guidelines for accepting tenants with criminal histories:

o Have been convicted of a felony, of any drug related crime, prostitution, violence of any kind, or crimes that involve weaponry of any kind including additional specifics and time limits
o Appear on any Sex Offender Registry

· Landlord required to evict if tenants or tenants’ guests are involved in drugs, criminal activity, or other illegal activity

A partial list of the Preferred Landlord Programs incentives are:
· Discounted inspection fees
· Preferred Landlord property listing
· Assistance in tenant screening
· Training programs
· Shared co-op with other landlords/resources
· Notification of service calls to property
· PLP Landlord /City liaison

This program is constantly being updated and revised as additional information on this type of program becomes available.

The original program has been successfully adopted and modified to fit the needs of many cities throughout the country. The Preferred Landlord Program is building awareness that prevention does reduce, and may even eliminate, crime and unprofitable ventures associated with apartment ownership.

Results of this program are predicted to be:
· Less service calls to the city
· Increased property values
· Rental housing becomes more profitable
· Norwood begins to recover from recent economic decline
· Better quality of life for homeowners, tenants, and our business community.