Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Candidate blog series: Steve Thornbury, Ward 2 (R)

My name is Steve Thornbury. I am currently the elected representative to Norwood City Council from the Second Ward. I am seeking re-election this November 8 and am asking for your vote to help keep this great city moving forward. My family and I have lived on Floral Avenue for the last 25 years in which time my children have attended the Excellent Norwood City Schools and benefited from Norwood’s standing as one the nation’s “Top 100 communities for young people.”

If there is a single theme to my approach to City Council business, it is that of “Balance.” As a member of Council’s Finance Committee, I have worked with the Administration, the Auditor and the City’s department heads to balance our budget while maintaining the critical needs of the City. This has meant keeping a close watch over every expenditure from every department. From toner cartridges to tasers, it’s the job of your Council representative to weigh the City’s ability to purchase against our ability to pay.

Budget issues, of course, are important. But what I’ve learned over the years is that, for most of you, the issues that hit closest to home are things like disruptive neighbors, illegally parked vehicles or the condition of the streets and curbs. That’s why I’ve always encouraged residents to call me on my cell phone at 373-9653 any time you have a question.

For some, however, your concerns reach beyond your immediate neighborhood. Simply put, you’re concerned about the very future of Norwood. About whether this great city will be able to weather the current economic slowdown without permanently sacrificing our core services.
  1. Will we have the resources to maintain our historically strong police and fire departments?
  2. Can we afford to maintain and improve our streets and our infrastructure?
  3. Can we continue to offer our older citizens the security and assistance that helps them live full and active lives?
In other words, will we be able to continue to make Norwood one of the finest communities in the country to live, to work and to educate our children?

The simple answer is yes. Looking ahead to the next decade, I have no doubt that Norwood will continue to grow and prosper.

This isn’t just blind boosterism (although I plead guilty to that every day). We’re seeing real progress right now in the area of business development that bodes well for future revenue growth.

As we speak, ground is being broken on the first stage of development on the vacant land across from Rookwood. And new plans were recently announced for even more medical offices at Williams and Edwards Roads. Both will eventually bring new revenue the city needs to fund the services we all value so highly. More immediately, though, both of these new developments - which I’m proud to say are located in Ward 2 - will help boost everyone’s property values by helping attract new homeowners as well as new – and better - businesses.

And speaking of property values: We can’t stress enough the significance of the recent announcement that the Norwood City School District has joined the ranks of area districts rated “Excellent” in the state proficiency tests.

Sure, there are still tough times ahead and difficult decisions to be made. But if my experience on Norwood City Council has taught me anything, it’s that we have what it takes…
  1. We have bright, hard-working people.
  2. We have a strong tax base that will help fuel our growth.
  3. We have a location in Hamilton County that is the envy of every other community.
What we need most to realize our potential is strong representation on Norwood City Council. We need people who are willing to ignore party lines and vote for what is best for our city, its employees and its citizens.

These are just a few examples of the approach I take to my job as your representative to Norwood City Council. And why I’m asking you to please vote to re-elect me, Steve Thornbury to Norwood City Council, Ward 2 on Tuesday, November Eighth.

Thank you and thanks for voting.

Steve Thornbury
Ward 2 Council Candidate