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Monday, October 03, 2011

Candidate blog series: Ralph Melton, Ward 1 (R)

I have been a lifelong resident of Norwood. I live on Crosley Avenue with my wife of 17 years and my three daughters in a home I purchased and personally remodeled. My extended family, including my parents, brother and my brother’s family, also reside in Norwood, so I have a truly vested interest in our community. I attended Norwood City Schools where I met my wife Misty Corman.

I am a dedicated, active father. I volunteer and assist various Norwood soccer and basketball teams. I keep my children involved in sports and activities which I believe help build character. I have strong moral values and expect the same of my children.

I believe in hard work and that one person can make a difference. My family and I have completed various remodeling projects throughout the city, improving our community one home at a time.

We have first class police and fire departments in Norwood. However, I realize that crime is a problem in West Norwood. I plan to participate in a ride along with the Norwood Police Department to see firsthand the issues facing our officers in Ward 1. I will work with the Norwood Citizens on Patrol and the residents of Ward 1 to make our ward safer.

Norwood City Council and the Norwood School Board should meet together on a regular basis to improve communication between these two important bodies. We need to strive to work together.

Recently I have had the pleasure of visiting our seniors during their luncheons at the Community Center. I know that the Senior Center and the many activities available to them are important to our seniors. Many of the services offered there are vital to their good health and welfare. Our seniors are valuable citizens to Norwood, and I support our seniors and the Community Center.

I am a common sense person and believe in building and improving our city through engaging our citizens. I am a good friend to all who know me and I am always available to lend a helping hand when asked. I enjoy one on one conversation and strive to keep an open mind. I am traditional, but I want to hear other’s thoughts and ideas because I believe it takes all of the members of a community to make a better city for its residents. I desire to give of my time to listen to the citizens in Ward 1, so that I can help improve our community.

Improving our neighborhood.
Responsible management of your tax dollars.
Development of an effective street plan.

Improvement of our Parks, Recreation and Senior Center

Support of our law enforcement.

Improve our housing stock through enforcement of current laws & regulations.

As a lifelong resident of Norwood I am tired of:
Abandoned Houses,
Unruly Households,
Crumbling Streets,
Insufficient Economic Development,
Drugs, Crime, and the Decay of our Community.

It is time for a change.

It is time for True Representation in West Norwood.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Ralph Melton

Ward 1 Council Candidate