Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, September 30, 2011

Starting Monday…2011 candidate blog series

With the local campaign season well under way, it’s almost time for another CBN candidate blog series for candidates for City offices. Starting Monday, we will post anywhere from 1-3 of the candidates’ submissions daily. This time around, we’re trying something new: we’re turning off the comment box underneath each blog. Neither political party requested this.

The primary reason we started the series was to allow candidates to inform our readers about their campaigns for office. The comment boxes were never intended to be places to wage ugly attacks against candidates, which is exactly what has happened to one degree or another in years past. We intended the series to be a safe forum where candidates could tell our readers about themselves without experiencing the wrath of their opponents’ more zealous supporters. We believe eliminating the comment boxes might increase the likelihood more candidates would participate, and that is actually the name of this of the particular game.