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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Council okays new Health Commissioner’s salary

A quorum of 4 City Council members met last evening for a Special Meeting to discuss the salary offered by the Norwood Health Commission to the new Health Commissioner Bradley King. The 4 were Keith Moore, Steve Thornbury, Michael Gabbard, and Donna Laake. Health Commission members present to answer questions about the salary and a residency waiver request for Mr. King were Kathy Hammond, Debbie Newton, and Gary Arthur.

All 4 Council members had questions and concerns about a salary $5,000 above the starting pay of the salary range allowed for the position. In answer to questions about it, Health Commission members stated the it was below the salaries paid to the last two Health Commissioners and also below the starting salary offered to Pamela Walker-Bauer 2 years ago. The Health Commissioners felt the salary was appropriate because of Mr. King’s education and professional experience and because it was a salary he would likely accept. Compared to other small health departments in Hamilton County, NHD pays the least salary for the position.

Regarding the residency waiver requested, Council President Jane Grote said all Council would have to do is pass a motion approving it. Health Commission members told Council no Norwood residents responded to their recruiting ads and that Mr. King’s commute from Warren County will be identical to Pamela Walker-Bauer’s commute of 45 minutes, which never posed problems or delays.

By a vote of 3 to 1 (Keith Moore voted no), Council approved Mr. King’s salary and unanimously passed the motion approving the residency waiver.

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