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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hero: Norwood firefighter rescues woman while on honeymoon

On July 8, Channel 12 reported that Norwood firefighter Philip Reed rescued a woman while he and his wife were snorkeling on their honeymoon on the island of Oahu. As they were swimming out toward a reef, they heard a woman screaming. As they got closer, they saw her pointing to the water where a woman was face down. Reed and his bride pulled her onto the reef and gave her abdominal thrusts to get water out her. Reed was told the woman was put on life support when he left the island, but he doesn’t know if she has survived. On July 8, he was surprised to receive a certificate and letter from the chief of Hawaii’s EMS. Reed told Channel 12, “For us, its just our job and that just what we do when we wake up. I'm just glad we were able to do something and hopefully we gave her the best chance she had." Click here for Channel 12’s transcript and video.

h/t Lisa