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Friday, June 03, 2011

Norwood Community Leadership Training Institute

Guest blog by Lupe Gonzalez Hoyt

Have you ever wondered how to get things done in our community? Are you new to Norwood and want to know how to get involved?

Norwood Service League has developed a community leadership program with the help of Xavier University-Community Building Institute.

The NCLTI is similar to XU’s ENX-COPC Leadership training held several years ago, and two ENX-COPC graduates the (late) Bill Graff and his wife Vivian went on to make a difference in Norwood. Vivian continues to use her leadership skills to help our community today.

The NCLTI curriculum is community leadership training specific for Norwood residents and people who work in Norwood.

The curriculum is designed to address topics that will increase the ability to maximize leadership capabilities: effective presentation skills, identifying effective leadership qualities, building community connections, strategic planning for neighborhood projects, grant writing, influencing public input, and Norwood history.

Speakers and instructors are professionals who have experience in teaching, and are regionally well-known “movers and shakers”.

Corporate sponsors are making this unique community training available to Norwood beginning September through the end of October.

The $10 tuition fee will apply toward a community project developed by Class 2011 to benefit our city.

Limited seating. Applications must be received by Friday, August 5, 2011.

Check for further updates.

Lupe Gonzalez Hoyt
Executive Director
Norwood Service League
(513) 924-1200