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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Selected Norwood precincts pilot tested new ePoll Book

The May issue of the “Hello Hamilton County” newsletter has the following article about the ePoll Book, the latest technology to process voters. Did any of our readers get to try it out?

Hamilton County Board of Elections

Pilots New ePoll Book Technology

Voters and poll workers in selected precincts in Norwood and Elmwood Place had the firstopportunity to test the latest technology forprocessing voters in the May 3rd Primary/Special Election.A method of “checking” a voter’s registration record for voting on Election Day, using an electronic (ePoll Book), was used. This method replaces the need for a paper Signature Poll Book. The pilot test employed the Hart InterCivic ePollBook equipment. Hart is the company that provided Hamilton County’s eScan & eSlate voting equipment.

“The ePoll Book is a secure and cost effective way to help poll workers quickly and accurately locate a voter, issue the ballot and update the voter’s record,” said Board of Elections Director Sally Krisel. “In automating this manual process, the ePollBook improves voter check-in speed while reducing paperwork and errors.”

“We were very pleased to have the opportunity to try the ePoll Book and will look for other solutions to make the voting experience in Hamilton County smooth and efficient,” said Amy Searcy, Board of Elections Deputy Director.

“Our staff, poll workers and the voters had very positive comments about our test of the ePollBook for the May Primary/Special Election,” said Krisel. “They were easy to set up, use and close down. We are looking into testing another electronic poll book in our small August 2011 Special Election and will report a summary of our field observations to our board and the County Commissioners.

(h/t Casey)