Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PSA: Copper thieves targeting Norwood residential properties

Recently, a Norwood resident told us his mother’s property had been visited by copper thieves. He said they are targeting unsecured 2-family and above properties with unlocked common stairs to open basements. The thieves are known to strike in the wee hours while tenants are sleeping, then go to work quietly removing all the copper pipes with bolt cutters. The following morning, everyone wakes up to no water and thousands of dollars worth of damage.

We called Lt. Tom Williams at the NPD to find out more about this. He told us there have been dozens of break-ins like this over the last couple of years into private residential properties, particularly houses that are vacant due to foreclosure or being for sale. He advised residents to call the property owner and/or the Norwood police immediately if they see any sudden activity at a nearby vacant house. Try to get the license tag number and a description of the suspects.