Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Norwood students share their thoughts about NCS levy

Guest blog by Norwood Middle School students

Why We Are Worth It

We cried when we read the article “Superintendent Presents Case for Emergency Levy” in the March edition of the Norwood Star. We can’t imagine what school would be like without libraries or technology courses, or with less teachers and more students per classroom.

We are students from the Newspaper Club at the Norwood Middle School. We value our current class sizes and the teachers who have helped us with our education over the years.

Having visited a few other schools, we are aware that some school districts have more equipment and resources than we do (like smart boards in every classroom and computers that are much, much newer), but what we do have in our schools we very much appreciate. We hope that citizens in our community will vote for the levy. Please don’t allow our education opportunities to fall backward.

For less than the cost of one family trip to McDonald’s per month, voters can choose to keep what we have so that our education experience will not be damaged.

Our community was named one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People in America because of the way people in our town work together to help kids have a chance in life. The levy is one of the times our community can pull together for a successful result.

We are not perfect, but we want to succeed. We (students) are the next generation. We impact safety and property values. A better education can help lower crime rates. When our community shows that they believe our education is important, it helps everyone in Norwood.

We need voter support. We love our teachers and we don’t want to lose them. We can’t learn as much as we’d like to with overcrowded classrooms.

We are 13 years old. We have dreams and goals for our futures. One day we will be voters like you, but for now we are kids trying to find our way. We are worth your time to vote and we will make you proud with our grades and accomplishments.

Please agree that we are worth it by voting “yes” on May 3.

Thank you.

Sara, Hannah, Briana, Talianna, and Alyssa