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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

NCS losing 15% of state aid over next 2 years

Many thanks to two of our readers, A. and A., for sending us two Enquirer links to share with our readers. Click here for the first link to the Enquirer’s Data Center, which has the following information showing that the Norwood School District is losing 15% of Ohio school aid over the next two years. Next month, Norwood voters will decide a Norwood City Schools 8.61 levy.

The Ohio Office of Budget and Management released preliminary numbers on Thursday, March 24 detailing how much in state aid school districts will receive over the next two fiscal years.

Foundation11= basic state aid in fiscal year 2011
Stimulus11= federal stimulus money in fiscal year 2011
TPPcurrent11= Tangible Personal Property tax revenue in fiscal year 2011 based on current levies
TPPnoncurrent11= Tangible Personal Property tax revenue in fiscal year 2011based on non-current levies
PUcurrent11= revenue from public utility deregulation in fiscal year 2011 based on current levies
PUnoncurrent= revenue from public utility deregulation in fiscal year 2011 based on non-current levies

DistrictNorwood City SD
County Hamilton
Property valuation per pupil $175,571.31
Total resources $23,371,995.11
Foundation 2011 $7,153,574.08
Stimulus 2011 $538,400.41
TPP Current 2011 $2,205,909.43
TPP Noncurrent 2011
PU Current 2011 $254,836.31
PU Noncurrent 2011
Total 2011 $10,152,720.23
Foundation 2012 $7,187,088.23
Stimulus 2012 $-
TPP Current 2012 $1,738,469.53
TPP Noncurrent 2012
PU Current 2012
PU Noncurrent 2012
Total 2012 $8,925,557.76
$ change 11-12 $(1,227,162.47)
% change 11-12-12%
Foundation 2013 $7,328,826.83
Stimulus 2013$-
TPP Current 2013 $1,271,029.62
TPP Noncurrent 2013
PU Current 2013
PU Noncurrent 2013
Total 2013 $8,599,856.45
$ change 12-13 $(325,701.31)
% change 12-13 -4%
$ change 11-13-1552863.776
% change 11-13 -15%

Click here for a related Enquirer article describing Monday night’s meeting of the Princeton City School District Board of Education during which board members “voted reluctantly but unanimously” for layoffs because of budget shortfalls. Following is an excerpt:

Princeton officials say the cuts are necessary because of state budget cuts, especially earlier than anticipated reductions in state funds related to business and utilities taxes. (Superintendent) Pack and board members said that state legislators and the governor are violating promises made to schools, voters and taxpayers.

Pack said the district's $80 million operating budget will fall by $12 million next year and by several million more each year for the next 12 to 13 years. The district also expects to put a levy before voters next year.