Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, February 11, 2011

WNNA Prez thanks City Council and Mayor Williams

Guest blog by Lynn Ellis

I would really like to thank all those that came and supported the WNNA at the February 8 council meeting. It was good to see old and new friends there.

The WNNA is pleased with the initial response of Norwood City Council. Our thanks to John Mumper who made a motion to put the issue of Vacant Business (PUD) and possible undesirable/predatory businesses occupying these vacant properties into Community Development and to Mike Gabbard who made a second motion to put the matter into Committee of the Whole. Both expressed their concern and wanted to tackle this serious issue.

Keith Moore went to Chris Brown (law dept.) and Greg Orosz (Econ Dev consultant) and came up with a zoning initiative entitled “1121.05 Compliance with Use Regulations, which CBN has posted below. This zoning change would prohibit all the predatory/undesirable businesses WNNA cited, not just in West Norwood, but in the entire City Of Norwood. The WNNA will be watching this matter closely. The action by council was very encouraging.

I would also like to give special thanks to Mayor Tom Williams. Mayor Williams has been extremely supportive of West Norwood and the WNNA. He attended an enormous amount of WNNA meeting over the years. I know he won’t toot his own horn, but I would like to list issues we had and Mayor Williams tackled. Some of these he did when he was councilman-at-large.

  1. Getting Soupies closed at Norwood Plaza
  2. Closing one Bingo Hall and preventing a second
  3. Denying the expansion plans of the Rent-to-Own place in the Norwood Plaza
  4. Capping the number of group homes and setting into motion a ordinances that would prevent them from reopening if they closed.
  5. Tearing down Muse's Food Mart, the shack across from Allison, buildings at Elm and Section/Allison, used furniture store on Section, apartments on Sherman, etc.
  6. Beefing up police patrols through trouble spots
  7. Aided WNNA with the establishment of the Substation(s)
  8. Went after the Fun Factory on numerous occasions
  9. Targeted troubled properties to resolve problems
Thank you. Mayor Williams, for all your help. West Norwood and the WNNA appreciate you.

Lynn Ellis
President of West Norwood Neighborhood Association