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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

“Very sweet” chickens living on Burwood Avenue

This Channel 9 report tells the story of the Stanton family who started raising chickens in their backyard last Easter, unaware they were running afoul of Norwood ordinance 505.15 (a)(b) that forbids chickens and other domesticated animals. The report incorrectly identifies “The Health Commissioner” as the person who knocked on the Stantons’ door and told them they weren’t allowed to have chickens in Norwood. Actually, it was Norwood Health Department Health Inspector Dale Marshall, not Pamela Walker-Bauer, who did the knocking. On October 11, Dale responded to a resident’s complaint about the chickens and wrote an order to the Stantons informing them they had 14 days to “remove all the chickens and or roosters from the property and the City of Norwood all together” per 505.15.

Following the order to remove the chickens the Stantons say are “very sweet,” they and their supporters sprang into action and successfully petitioned Norwood City Council to reconsider the chicken ban with an ordinance allowing up to 7 hens/no roosters. The ordinance has not yet been put to a vote.

We think this issue calls for one of our unscientific polls. In the event you're undecided about how to vote, you might want to read this Chicken Manifesto first. It was written in response to the same issue that came up in Montgomery, OH, and the Stantons' relied on it to help build their case to City Council.

Should council pass an ordinance allowing up to 7 hens?
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