Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Mayor Williams calls special meeting re budget problems

According to the Enquirer, Norwood’s income tax revenue is about 9% ($520,000) behind the city’s projected revenue. As a result, City is council is thinking about scrapping the $1.2 million Beech Street reconstruction project because is requires $400,000 in local matching funds.

Mayor Williams has called a special meeting for June 10 at City Hall for all elected officials to discuss the long-term budget situation. He told the Enquirer "The idea is to have everybody's input and build a consensus. We need to find out how serious the problem is and what the options are. I'm trying to get everybody to work together instead of arguing or finger-pointing." Norwood Auditor James Stith said the city is not in danger of failing to meet current expenses but that “we're worried about meeting expenses a year from now.”