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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Norwoodians Rick and Matt Hursh among uninjured in Haiti

Shortly after we posted this morning’s blog below about the 2 Norwood residents reportedly safe after Haiti’s earthquake, we opened an email from one of readers telling us CBN founder and Rick Hursh and his son Matt are the residents not identified in the article. We immediately emailed Rick’s wife Sheri, and she quickly us sent the following account to share with our readers. Thank you, Sheri, and know that your family is in our prayers. We share your relief that Rick and Matt are okay.

Guest blog by Sheri Hursh

We've not had much word from them specifically but I'll share what I have had and what I know at this point:

There is confusion regarding where exactly they were when the quake hit. Initial reports were that they were out in the field working on a building, but word came from the full time missionary whom they are working with in Haiti that they were actually just sitting down to have dinner at the orphanage when it hit. Fortunately all of the orphans (20 young girls) and the entire missionary team were unharmed. Severe damage occurred to the guest house they were staying in (which I understand is located inside of Port Au Prince) and the orphanage (a small drive outside the city) sustained structural damage making it unsafe to be in. They were able to keep their health clinic open and were overwhelmed with injured people needing help the first night. Fortunately both the clinic and the church are structurally sound. The team slept outside the first night, primarily due to concern that the clinic (where they were staying) would not withstand the aftershocks. It's my understanding they spent yesterday working in clean up and repair and have managed to secure a safe place for the children as well as the team to sleep. No word quite yet on if and when they will be able to travel home on Saturday, as was originally planned. Selfishly I'm praying that will be the case - but I also know that God has them there for a very clear reason, and thus they'll be home according to His plan. They have had some internet service and Rick managed to send one brief e-mail, just letting me know they are both okay and wasn't sure what would be happening from there or when he'd be able to be in contact.

Matt updated his Facebook status with this last night:

"I'm extremely thankful that none of the missionaries were hurt and that all the girls from Hope orphanage are safe. But now we have a ton to do before we leave. Thank you for your prayers, God was definitely with us this week."

As you can imagine we are so thankful and relieved to know that they are okay and extremely proud of the work they are doing there.