Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Jane Grote: Republican council means more inspection of issues

In an article about the voters giving Republicans control of Norwood City Council for first time in ten years in Tuesday’s election, reelected President of Council Jane Grote (R) told the Enquirer that the new majority will provide more checks and balances to the Democratic administration and "Things aren't going to get passed just because the mayor wants them to be passed. It means there will be more inspection of issues. This will allow more input from Republicans than it has in the past.”

However, Democratic Mayor Tom Williams said he doesn't expect much to change because the Democrats and Republicans had very few differences (over) issues in the past two years. He told the Enquirer, "It's hard to remember anything that didn't carry at least six votes. I would expect the next two years to be the same as the last two years - everybody working together. As long as we can keep our conservative principles, I don't see any problem."

Obviously, Jane Grote and Mayor Williams don’t exactly see eye to eye on the impact of a Republican-controlled City Council over the next two years. What do our readers see? Change or very little change? What do you think will change?