Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hyde Park crime wave article prompts praise for NPD

According to an article in yesterday’s Enquirer, police statistics show crime has nearly doubled in Hyde Park in the last few years, including home break-ins. The story prompted one commenter to suggest a contract with our excellent Norwood Police Department for more patrols of the neighborhood, though he did have to include the obligatory insult to our community:

nate2432 wrote:
"…On any given time Hyde park, Oakley and Mt. Lookout have 2 at the most 3 single person cars patroling all of that area…I'm sure you could contract through norwood and have a lot better police services and officer's who actually take pride in their jobs. I know the thought of norwood isn't always pleasant, but they have excellent police services and the fastest response time in the county. Just something to think of…"

Please see our public service announcement below about how to protect your property from thieves.