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Monday, August 03, 2009

Scam victim cleared, and she doesn’t live in Norwood after all

The Enquirer is reporting that Judge William Mallory dismissed forgery and theft charges against Tamika Thomas (see 7/27/09 blog below) this past Friday. After reviewing all the evidence, including the documents from the scammer, he said it was easy to see how she was hoodwinked. He was particularly irked that the Woodforest National Bank in Evendale, which pressed charged against Ms. Thomas, did not send representatives to court from either its Texas headquarters or its Evendale location. “If they can’t even come from the Evendale branch, I’m dismissing it,” he said.

The Enquirer is now saying that Ms. Thomas lives in Avondale and not Norwood as originally reported last week. We’re feeling a little scammed by the Enquirer about this. How does a major newspaper make mistakes in residency? Are parts of Avondale in zip code 45212? Avid Reader has a take on this, which he posted in the comments under last week’s blog: “Oh, and the article in the Enquirer stated that she lives in Avondale, not Norwood. I guess now that she is not guilty, she lives in Avondale, but when she was accused it was Norwood.” Oh, please say it isn’t so.