Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Results of David Pepper’s economic survey

Hamilton County Commission David Pepper has posted some of the results from his economic survey we linked to last week. He says, “Reflecting the national news, people have cut back on their own consumption, seen layoffs and other cutbacks in the workplace, but also seem confident that the worst of the recession is behind us--or almost behind us.”

Here are the basics:

1. Economic Outlook: 59% think the recession has already "bottomed out" or is bottoming out now. 16% think there is no hope until 2010.

2. Workplace Cutbacks: respondents have experienced the following steps in their workplace: 54.8% - salary freezes/cuts; 51.9% - layoffs; benefit cuts - 19.2%; furloughs - 12.5%; four day weeks - 7.7%. 23% said they've seen no changes.

3. Spending: Families cut back in numerous areas of spending: 42.3% drastically cut back on travel (73% cut back by some amount); 37.4% drastically cut back on clothing (71.5%); 28.5% drastically cut back on eating out (76.5%); 28% drastically cut back on charitable giving (64.8%)

4. Measures to Deal w County Budget: very clear results on what citizens want to see County do to deal with its budget problem:
1) Consolidate/Share Services (75% positive-8% negative);
2) Invest in Economic Development (56.5% positive-21.8% negative);
3) Cut Spending To Match Reduced Revenues (including layoffs/furloughs) (46.3% positive-25.4% negative; 28.5% neutral);
4) Raise taxes to keep critical services going (16.3% positive-59.4% negative)

5. Levies on Ballot: facing five levies on the ballot, 50% would vote for 3 levies or fewer; 50% would vote for more than 4 or 5

6. Effect of Stimulus: Respondents were generally optimistic about the stimulus package: 27.6% say we're already starting to see the results, and 37% say we'll see the results soon.