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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mr. Hemmer, thank you for your reply re Kelley Financial

Last night, public relations consultant Andy Hemmer responded to our 7/30/09 blog “Mr. Hemmer, those 100 new jobs at Rookwood are coming to NORWOOD!” He left the following comment under the blog in which he acknowledges his “bad” and promises to sin no more with press releases that incorrectly state that Kelley Financial is in Cincinnati. Needless to say, we are delighted with his response. What do you think about the proposal to Norwood in his p.s.?

Dear Citizens of Norwood:

My bad, totally. Yes, I said Norwood in the release once, maybe twice, but I also used Cincinnati more than I should have. I was thinking about the Zip Code first (Kelley Financial is at 3805 Edwards Road, Suite 200, CINCINNATI 45209 - just like Deerfield Township and West Chester, you get dissed by the media and USPS daily); secondly, I was thinking about the bigger picture: i.e., when you go to Florida or North Carolina for vacation, and someone asks u where you're from, I'm guessing you say "Cincinnati," not Norwood. If you say Norwood, props to you, but I'm also guessing there's a zillion Norwoods across the U.S. I'm from Delhi, I live in Fort Thomas, but whenever I'm talking to someone from out-of-town, I always say Cincinnati. ... anyway, no disrespect intended. When my boys at Kelley Financial make the news next, I'll be damned sure to make sure I say Norwood. Thanks for the heads-up ... later!

Andy Hemmer
The Writing Fiend at Large
(513) 604-5428

tell Norwood I'd be glad to help them out with some PR ... I was at the Business Courier for 10 years as a reporter/editor, so I know a few things re: how the media operates. Peace -
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