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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Opportunity to adopt animals removed from vacant residence

One of our readers sent us the following announcement by SPCA Cincinnati. We’re posting it in case any of readers would like to adopt one of the 23 animals the SPCA rescued in May.

Nearly two dozen animals removed by SPCA Cincinnati from a vacant residence in Clifton Heights in May will be available for adoption on Saturday, July 18 beginning at 12:30 p.m. A viewing of the animals will begin at noon. The adoptions will take place at the SPCA Cincinnati Humane Center at 11900 Conrey Road in Sharonville.

On May 11, 2009, neighbors of a home in the 2500 block of Vestry Avenue called the police about a terrible stench coming from the property. SPCA Cincinnati officers, Cincinnati Police Officers, and Cincinnati Fire Division firefighters paid a visit to the residence. SPCA Cincinnati Sgt. Brandon Corcoran discovered squalid living conditions and a total of 20 dogs, 2 birds and one cat. No owner could be found and the animals were filthy with a myriad of health problems.

SPCA’s veterinary staff has groomed, examined, and administered appropriate medical care to the animals and given them lots of TLC.

All the animals are now ready for adoption. The animals include:
  1. 20 dogs: small to medium sizes
  2. 1 cat: male domestic short hair
  3. 2 parakeets: will be adopted out as a pair

All the animals, except the parakeets, have been spayed or neutered.

Some of the animals have health conditions that will cause the animal to need ongoing veterinary care. The adopter will receive detailed information about the health condition. Adopters should carefully consider their ability to provide the necessary veterinary care. SPCA Cincinnati cannot provide the necessary continuing veterinary care needed and cannot be responsible for any costs associated with continuing veterinary care.

A lottery system will be used if there is more than one person interested in the same animal.

Adopters must complete a pre-adoption questionnaire before they are eligible to adopt.