Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mr. Hemmer, those 100 new jobs at Rookwood are coming to NORWOOD!

Yesterday, public relations consultant Andy Hemmer published this announcement on the Enquirer’s Norwood community page with the incorrect headline “100 new jobs coming to Cincinnati.” He advises readers to “Tune in tonight (last night) at 5:30 on Ch. 5 WLWT to catch the latest on the brightest business news to hit Cincinnati in a while: the Kelley Financial Group is hiring at least 100 new Financial Representatives! The Kelley Financial Group is located in the Rookwood Tower, perched majestically over Rookwood Commons and Interstate 71.” Nowhere does he mention that Rookwood is located in Norwood.

To be fair to Mr. Hemmer, this press release on his website does acknowledge that Rookwood Tower is in Norwood, but why not be consistent about this in all media? This “brightest business news to hit Cincinnati in a while” is actually brightest for Norwood with the new earnings taxes that will be generated. Yes, of course, this is wonderful news for Greater Cincinnati job seekers as was the Business Courier’s March 30 announcement that Norwood’s Convergy’s location was hiring 110 new employees with earnings taxes also destined for the City’s coffers.

Like a lot of Norwoodians, we tire of media announcements and advertising that either incorrectly identify Norwood-based businesses as being Cincinnati or fail to mention Norwood at all. We don’t blog about every single infraction we come across, and there are many, but we just couldn’t let this one stand.