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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Michael Gabbard on the “true spirit” of Norwood Day

We just opened our email box to find this heartwarming guest blog Michael Gabbard took the time to write last night about the unforgettable Norwood Day his family shared with other families yesterday at Millcrest Park:

I just got home from one of the best Norwood Day experiences I have ever been a part of. My day started with the yearly excitement of loading the cooler full of all those picnic goodies, gathering the family and heading to Coney for a day fun. This is an event that hundreds of Norwood folks look forward to year after year, but this year was different. This year, rain caused the event to be cancelled. So many had taken the day off work and were looking forward to sharing food, fun, stories and games with others; that wasn't going to happen, or so it seemed. Rain may have canceled Norwood Day at Coney, but it couldn"t cancel the true spirit of what the day really is - sharing food, fun, stories and games.

As my family and I were leaving Coney, we received a call from some friends saying that we were still going to have our Norwood Day it just wasn't going to be at Coney. We gathered up with about 12 - 15 other families under the large shelter at Millcrest park for an incredible day. We had all the food, we had card and board games, we even had bingo and a cornhole tournament. People started calling others and letting them know what was happening under that shelter and more came. At one point, I stood there just looking around at all that was going on and smiled with true Norwood pride - I thought to myself, "This is a beautiful picture of how the people of this great city show what neighborhood, community, friendship is all about.” Not once did I hear anyone, not even a child, say, "I wish we were at Coney, I missing riding the rides or playing in the pool". No, I just witnessed Norwood folks, of all ages, enjoying what the true essence of Norwood Day is all about - getting together with family and friends to smile, laugh and have fun. Norwood Day 2009 was under that large shelter in Millcrest park and those that were there have a memory to share for generations to come.

This is a Norwood Day that my family and I will NEVER forget.

Michael "Gabby" Gabbard