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Friday, July 10, 2009

Casey Brown blogs about 4th of July Hometown Fireworks

You may have heard our fireworks Saturday! They went great despite the rain. About 800 people came and enjoyed themselves!

A special guest stopped by Saturday. Norwood residents may remember Specialist Brandon Rork, our hometown hero we honored at the 4th of July fireworks in 2007. In June of 2007 Brandon shot and killed a suicide bomber whose intentions were to kill as many soldiers as possible. The bomber intended to drive a truck through the base’s protective perimeter and detonate the explosives contained in it. The bomb that was in the vehicle that day was 24,500 lbs of explosives. Brandon stopped this evil person from hurting many, innocents included. It was found later that additional insurgents waited nearby with the intent to enter the base in the chaos after the explosion and finish who was not already dead. We honored him during the 2007 fireworks program.

It was great to finally meet Brandon and his lovely fiancée. Brandon is home in Norwood right now, but he will be deployed in August for another tour of duty to Iraq. We brought him down on the field during the program, and many Norwood residents showed their appreciation to him for preserving our freedoms as Americans.

Many thanks to all our entertainers: our clowns who did balloon animals and face-painting, Wings of Wonder, Steve Carson with his moon bouncers, DJ Eddie Bryla with All Dance Systems and B105 with on-air DJ Stattman. Stattman even got in the act assisting Vic Schneider with MC duties!

Thanks to the following Norwood volunteer groups who came to provide food, drink, inform us about their groups or sell their wares: Norwood Citizens on Patrol, Norwood Historical Society, Norwood Girl Scouts Service Unit 690, Norwood Boy Scout Troup #9, Norwood Athletic Boosters, American Legion and the Holy Trinity Festival.

Our National Guard unit, who always so graciously brings military equipment to display and provides our color guard, where deployed the weekend before July 4th, so many thanks to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts who practiced diligently and provided a very honorable color guard for the evening!

Many thanks to the City of Norwood, Norwood City Schools, the Norwood Fire and Police Departments and Hamilton County Sheriffs for their cooperation, without which we could not stage our great event.

Many thanks to the generous donation of the Carl H. Lindner family, without which we would not be able to sustain this event. Thanks to our other donors who gave generously, both in funds to help us stage the event, and in gifts for the kids who are chosen as finalists for the Master of the Fireworks drawing.

And finally, thanks to all the volunteers who so generously give of their time and talents to make this day a continued reality.

Hope we can see you next year, 2010, for another great event!

Casey Brown
Norwood Fireworks Committee