Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, June 12, 2009

NPD to share in $25,000 seized in Northside drug bust

After seeing this Channel 9 report (click on the title above) stating a drug bust last week resulted in getting more than 20 pounds of marijuana off Norwood streets, we were a tad confused. The report says that Bernard Kiybu, 38, was arrested at his home on Cherry Street for possessing roughly 22 pounds of pot. After verifying there is no Cherry Street in Norwood, we called the NPD’s Lt. Tom Williams, Jr. for some clarification about the story. As always, he quickly provided a wealth of information.

Lt. Williams told us the drug bust was conducted by the Cincinnati Office of the multi-jurisdictional DEA Task force. One of our Norwood Police Department officers is assigned to the DEA Task Force and participated in a Norwood surveillance operation last Thursday. He observed a suspicious-looking car whose driver sped out of Norwood and wound up crashing on South I75. The driver immediately fled from the car and escaped. Task force members, including our Norwood officer, recovered 5 pounds of marijuana from the car. They also found information that immediately led them to the home of Bernard Kiybu on Cherry Street in Northside. Mr. Kiybu was not the driver who escaped.

Lt. Williams told us the task force seized $25,000 in cash, 25 pounds of marijuana, 1 lb. of marijuana butter (a concoction, he said, that is used to enhance food like toast) at the Cherry Street home. Mr. Kiybu was arrested on the spot, and because our officer made the arrest, the NPD will receive a portion of the $25,000 seized. Congratulations to our officer and the task force for a job well done!