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Monday, June 22, 2009

ALERT: additional 50% cut in Public Library Fund proposed!

We just got off the phone with Emily Mueller with The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. She gave us permission to publish the following email alert she sent out that was forwarded to us earlier today. She and we hope our readers will contact Governor Strickland’s office and our state legislators to let them know in no uncertain terms that an additional 50% cut to the Public Library Fund is unacceptable. To make this easy, Ms. Mueller just sent us a sample letter (following her email) that can be used to email our state officials. We can’t risk losing our Norwood Branch Library and the great programs (see this week’s programs in the blog immediately below) and resources it provides to our community!

Emily Mueller's email:
Governor Strickland proposed an additional cut of 50% in the Public Library Fund (PLF), which is the primary funding source for public libraries in Ohio. If passed, as early as September this year, area residents could see ...
  1. Up to 20 of our 40 branch libraries closed
  2. Dramatic reduction in Main Library hours
  3. 250 additional Library jobs lost, computer access reduced by over 30%
  4. Fewer new materials available, elimination of services to residents of all ages
  5. Fewer children's programs
  6. And less qualified staff to help

ACT NOW! Time is of the essence. Email or phone the Governor and our state legislators to let them know that these cuts will do unacceptable damage to our communities. We cannot afford to lose half of our Libraries at a time when people need them most!

...If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at or at 513-369-6959.

Thank you in advance for your support!

State Reps. for Norwood:
1.) Tyrone Yates
State Representative

2.) Senator Eric H. Kearney
Senate Building

Governor Ted Strickland
Click here to send an email.

Sample email to state officials:
I am contacting you today to express my concern over the proposed cut to the Public Library Fund (PLF). Approximately 70% of our state's libraries are funded solely through the PLF. Cutting this fund will result in closures, layoffs, and reduced hours in libraries throughout Ohio. These proposed funding cuts come at a time when Ohio's public libraries are experiencing unprecedented increases in demands for services. Ohioans value their libraries to assist in educating their children, providing high speed Internet access, job searching and employment research, as well as information and entertainment. That cuts would be made to the PLF at this time effects those who need the library most during these rough economic times: the unemployed, who use library resources for job seeking, and children, whose education should always be our first priority. However, it is unlikely that many of Ohio's public libraries can remain open with these proposed cuts.

Please do as much as you can to help reject the Governor's proposed cut on the PLF and Save Ohio's libraries.

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