Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Norwood Star launches blog!

We just noticed the announcement below on the front page of The Norwood Star website and are delighted to welcome another entry to the local blogging scene. A whopping 21 stories from the paper’s March edition are available for comment, something for everyone; and we hope everyone will support this latest and greatest feature to the Norwood Star’s already spiffy website. We’ve added The Norwood Star Blog to our links on the right.

“The Norwood Star has officially launched a blog. We have done this because of the feedback we have received from many of you looking for a forum to comment on the stories in the paper. We have also placed a box on the left side of the website that shows recent comments from the blog.

You can Click Here to visit the blog and find the story you would like to comment on.”