Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

David Pepper’s Cincy Peptalk blog

We frequently read Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper’s blog, which he started last July to, as he said in first entry, “ highlight important news in this community and beyond, give my perspective on that news, ask for your input on items and issues of the day, and respond to events and happenings going on around us.” Today, we’ve finally added Cincy Peptalk under our links on the right hand side of the page so readers who are interested in Hamilton County news and issues from his perspective can easily access it.

We recommend three entries he posted yesterday and today. The first invites readers to respond to a 19-question survey about their views on bicycle riding. The responses will be used to create a road map over the next six months of how to make Cincinnati as friendly a bicycle community as possible.

Next, he blogs about a program called Connect2Success, a comprehensive effort to identify Hamilton County high school dropouts and reconnect them to paths of educational, or job training, or both. Does anyone know if NCS is participating in this program?

In the third piece, he says a new means of collecting delinquent property taxes last year brought in about $20 million, most of which was ultimately distributed among all Hamilton County jurisdictions. We take that to mean both the City of Norwood and NCS were probable recipients. At any rate, a lot of property owners quickly paid their taxes because of the threat that tax liens would be sold to a private collector who charges a high interest rate for delinquency.

Not only do we enjoy the content of Cincy Peptalk, we also like the fact that Mr. Pepper responds to questions his readers pose, as he did in his blog about delinquent property taxes.