Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Xavier Newswire: Norwood housing study, unruly students

The November 19 issue of the Xavier Newswire has three interesting articles we recommend:

1. Senior News Writer Kelly Shaw filed this in depth report about Xavier’s November 13 presentation of the Norwood Housing Strategy at Norwood High School.

2. This is an informative and balanced article about the goals of the South Norwood Neighborhood Association, founded recently by Russell Johnson and his wife Amy Schardein to solve the behavior problems posed by Xavier students living in our neighborhoods. In addition to Russell and Amy, several other Norwood residents are quoted, including Rev. Angelo J. Pupolo, Jr., Bill Graff with WNNA and COPP, and Cami Geraci, as well as Xavier student Kaitlin Culley.

3. According to this article, Norwood isn’t the only place for out-of-control parties hosted by Xavier students. This recent party at an Avondale location, 3901 Reading Rd., also known as the Funeral Home house, featured suspicious drinks that felt “stronger than usual” and “wristbands which were sold for guests to gain admission to the party, allegedly printed with a disclaimer that waived responsibility from the party’s hosts if guests were to become overly intoxicated.” An investigation is underway by Xavier officials and campus police.