Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, December 19, 2008

Not to worry (too much), Norwood has road salt

After reading in Tuesday’s Enquirer article that area counties and communities are struggling to acquire road salt because of a national shortage and a tripling in price, we contacted Public Works Director Tom White to inquire about Norwood’s salt supply for the winter. He told us the City normally goes through 1,200 - 1,500 tons of salt in a year. Roughly 300 tons are currently in storage with approximately 10 tons on hand that have sand mixed in.

Mr. White confirmed that the price has tripled recently and that, as a result, several nearby communities aren’t salting at all this year. Although he anticipates more salt will be ordered and delivered, he urges that we all be patient when the salt trucks are called into service because certain roads have priority. Heading the top of the list are our hills and the Norwood Lateral to the Reading Road entrance and exit ramps. With salt supplies short all over the region, we may find ourselves having to practice patience no matter where we’re trying to drive.