Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rally in support of NHD in front of City Hall next Tuesday

At last night’s City Council meeting, Norwood resident Robin Mace submitted 222 more signatures on the petition asking Council to continue funding the Norwood Health Department. In her remarks, Ms. Mace stated that thus far, a total of 1,741 signatures have been submitted to council. She thanked everyone who has sought signatures, signed the petition, and placed the yellow “Keep Our Norwood Health Dept.!” signs in their yards. She also thanked former Health Commissioner Donna Laake and Acting Health Commissioner Dr. Frank Perrino for their effective presentation of the functions of the Norwood Health Department during last week’s Committee of the Whole Meeting with the Norwood Health Board. Ms. Mace stated that she came away from the presentation convinced that NHD is just as vital to our community’s health and safety as both the Norwood Police and Fire Departments.

Immediately following Ms. Mace’s remarks, Committee of the Whole Chairman John Mumper reminded council members that he scheduled a COW meeting next Tuesday, November 18, at 7:30 to discuss NHD and make a recommendation about its future. He suggested council members weigh both how Hamilton County current financial difficulties could result in increased costs for the City if NHD is eliminated and the possible $1 million shortfall in next year’s City budget. Mr. Mumper stated, “But I’d be glad to go along with funding NHD if everyone else does. I would love to see a joint agreement from council COW to move ahead.”

Judging from Mr. Mumper’s remarks, it appears the NHD decision is essentially in the hands of council members Moore, Sanker, and Barlow. Mr. Schneider stated he would not be able to attend Tuesday’s council meeting but that he does support keeping NHD. Both Mr. Gabbard and Mr. Thornbury have previously stated their support.

In an effort to get a favorable decision from the Committee of the Whole, Norwood residents are inviting everyone to attend a rally in support of the Norwood Health Department in front of City Hall next Tuesday, November 18, at 7:00 p.m. prior to the 7:30 p.m. COW meeting. Residents who have the yellow yard signs are encouraged to bring them and, if possible, also attend the meeting following the rally.