Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Xavier and NCS sign partnership agreement

We just received the following announcement from Xavier University’s Public Affairs office:

Xavier University and Norwood City Schools have established a professional development partnership will provide educational opportunities, support, and services to Xavier and Norwood faculty, staff, students, and the community as a whole.

The Norwood-XU Professional Development Partnership agreement was signed during a Norwood Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, October 8. The meeting was held in Xavier’s Conaton Board Room. Xavier and Norwood faculty, staff and administration were in attendance at the signing.

Xavier Provost and Academic Vice President Roger Fortin and Norwood City School Superintendent Steve Collier signed for their respective schools.

Under the agreement there will opportunities for Xavier students to student teach in Norwood schools and for professional development activities for Norwood students, teachers, educational personnel and administrators.

Academic departments across the Xavier campus will be involved such as Criminal Justice, Childhood Education, Social Work, Nursing and others.

“This is the establishment of a partnership, a two-way street for both Norwood and Xavier,” says Dr. Mark Meyers, Dean College Social Science, Health, and Education. “Norwood students and staff should benefit from the proximity of the University to their schools and this benefit should come in both academic and extracurricular activities.”

Xavier Student Life and Leadership will partner with Norwood students leaders on a variety of leadership development activities. There will also be a focus on service opportunities for both Xavier and Norwood students and staff.