Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

West Norwood neighbors share, barter, borrow to save $$$

Channel 5 reports that our neighbors in West Norwood exemplify a growing trend in a worsening economy: families are borrowing, sharing, and bartering for anything they need, all in the hope of saving some cash. About 75 to 100 Westsiders have opened their hearts and homes to help one another, and this includes sharing produce from a donated community garden, child care, lawnmowers, and home cooked meals when money is short at the end of the month. Residents Jeremiah Griswold and Tracy Rains are among the participants and are featured in the Channel 5 video. Tracy Rains says, “"It's a way to share life with your neighbors and get to know each other and go deeper than just the surface hello."