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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rev. Tim Brooks: what’s happening at Norwood Naz

Yesterday, Rev. Tim Brooks of Norwood Church of the Nazarene sent us a guest blog to let our readers know about two great events: Church of the Nazarene’s recent 100th anniversary and the closing of the church this Sunday. Not to worry, they’re just closing for the day to put, as he says, “our money where our mouth is” for the benefit of the people of Norwood. We appreciate Rev. Brooks, his congregation, and all our local churches for everything they do for our community.

Last weekend we celebrated the 100th anniversary of our denomination (Church of the Nazarene). We gave away what is called Heritage Awards to four Norwood residents (Tom and Marcy Hamm, Marianne Steinmetz, and Yuelta Kingery) as well as two long time residents (Dick and Helen Van Vuren). There were only 1000 of these given out in the world recognizing outstanding service through the church. Our community is lucky to have these people count themselves as members.

This Sunday (Oct. 12) we are turning off our instruments, muzzling the pastor (me), closing the sanctuary doors, and not printing bulletins. Why? We are having our first "Don't Go to Church, Be the Church!" Sunday. Our goal is to be the church to the community! We will be cleaning up local parks, writing letters of love to the kids who come to our annual Back To School Bash, and participating in the Breast Cancer walk downtown. We are spending one of our 52 precious few Sunday mornings putting "our money where our mouth is." We preach service, this week we will embody it. Our church is serious about its connection to the people of Norwood. We do not exist in Norwood, we exist for Norwood.

Rev. Timothy J. Brooks
Norwood Church of the Nazarene
4424 Floral Ave.