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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Norwood Health Board asked to attend 11/4/08 COW meeting

Following is a letter John Mumper sent to Gary Arthur, President Pro Tem of the Norwood Health Board, asking that all the board members attend the November 4 Committee of the Whole meeting to answer various questions about the daily operations of the Norwood Health Department. It appears Mr. Mumper does not intend to allow members of the public to speak/ask questions during the meeting.

October 24, 2008

Dear Mr. Arthur:

Please be advised that on Tuesday, November 4th, at 7:30 p.m., there will be a Committee of the Whole meeting of Norwood City Council, with the only agenda item being Health Department.

Please attend this meeting with the rest of the Norwood Health Board and please notify them of this meeting. The meeting will be held in council chambers and will be televised by NCT. At this meeting, the discussion will be limited to members of the Norwood Board of Health, Norwood City Council, City of Norwood Administration and others that the Administration determines should be present.

We would like to discuss the daily operations of the Health Department and be advised on what services the Health Department provides to departments of the City of Norwood and to the Norwood City Schools. Also, we would like to know what services are performed by the Health Department for residents, for non-residents and for former residents. We would also like to have an explanation of the difference between the Norwood Health Department and a Health Clinic. Additionally, we would like to know the fee schedule of the Norwood Health Department and the qualifications needed to be exempt from these fees. Other topics may arise at the meeting and the board will be given time to provide answers at a later date, if needed.

Thank you for your service to the City of Norwood , as a member of the Health Board, and for taking part in this review of the Health Department. If there are any questions please contact me by phone or email as listed below.

John T. Mumper
Chairman, Committee of the Whole
Phone: 513-531-3863

Cc: Norwood City Council
Mayor Thomas Williams
Safety-Service Director, Joseph Geers
Treasurer, Tim Molony
Auditor, Jim Stith
Law Director, Ted Kiser