Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gas aggregation issue on ballot for Norwood

Today’s Enquirer has an article about the following gas aggregation issue Norwood voters will be deciding on Tuesday:

A majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage.
Shall the City of Norwood, County of Hamilton, Ohio, have the authority to aggregate the retail natural gas loads located in the City of Norwood, and enter into service agreements to facilitate for those loads the sale and purchase of natural gas, such aggregation to occur automatically except where any person elects to opt out?

The Enquirer explains that, “a natural gas aggregation plan places customers in a community in a single buying group, ideally resulting in a more stable gas price that’s locked-in for a period of time – protecting residents from upward spikes in prices. Under such a plan, it is hoped that increased purchasing power nets a better gas rate than a single customer could find alone.” Mayor Tom Williams told the Enquirer there’s a perception among some residents that the city is endorsing passing the aggregation plan, but that it’s not true. “The City of Norwood endorses giving people that option. On this one, it’s strictly up to them," he said.

In this guest blog we published this past May, Councilperson Steve Thornbury informed our readers about how gas aggregation would work and how it can benefit customers who choose to participate. He was careful to explain that while the potential savings for gas users may average, “at best, $50 per single family home over a four to five month period. But savings are savings.”

This website has success stories of four area communities that have gas aggregation. It would be interesting to know how much the City of Norwood will save in gas costs should the issue pass next Tuesday.