Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, October 03, 2008

Blog about X.U. students' behavior featured on Cinplify

Our Monday blog (see 9/29/08 blog below) with Norwood resident Russell Johnson’s open letter about Xavier students’ bad behavior appears on the website Cinplify. So far, five of Cinplify’s readers have voted for it, and one of them left this comment:

“Xavier’s off campus policy states that students living off campus should ‘integrate into the community and be good neighbors’. If you don’t feel the Xavier students living near you are living up to this expectation it is time to take action.”

If you’re not familiar with Cinplify, this statement on their website will fill you in:

Cinplify is a user generated social bookmarking site for news throughout the Cincinnati metropolitan area. On Cinplify, users can submit links to articles that they find worthy of sharing with the community. Their links are accessible to the public and can be bookmarked under the users profile for future reading. The submitted content can also be organized by categories, tags and users.