Citizens For A Better Norwood

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Action plan developed to address X.U. students' behavior

Yesterday, we received the following email Russell Johnson sent to all the residents who attended the neighborhood picnic he and his wife hosted Sunday afternoon to discuss solutions to the behavior problems of Xavier students living in our community. Several Xavier and Norwood officials also attended. This was no mere gripe session. As you’ll see, the group quickly came up with an impressive action plan they intend to implement over the next 12 months. We applaud these residents for tackling this problem constructively, and we’ll keep our readers informed of their progress.

Thanks again to all who attended our first neighborhood meeting discussing Xavier student off-campus behavior. We had an excellent turn-out with many passionate people, interesting stories, and lots of ideas. My wife and I have consolidated the discussions into a single document that has four sections:

Informational - Information that was gathered from various sources during the meeting. This is information that will be helpful now in working with your Xavier students.

Short-Term Actions - Suggested actions that might be implemented in a short period of time (1-4 weeks). These are things which can be done individually or already have facilities in place to handle.

Medium-Term Actions - Suggested actions that might be implemented in a longer period of time (1-3 months). These actions require some level of effort or require coordination of multiple parties.

Long-Term Actions - Suggested actions that would take a long period of time to implement (3-12 months). These probably involve policy, procedure, or organizational changes and may require multiple agencies.

Each action has been assigned to a group of people we believe would be responsible for the work. If you would like to volunteer for one area of work (short, medium, or long) please e-mail me and I will track the progress of each item and send out updates on a periodic basis. In addition to what we have documented, we are looking for more actionionable ideas that we can add to our list. Please e-mail me with any and all ideas.

Finally, our next meeting has already been scheduled for Sunday, November 16th at 5 pm. Location is tentatively 3904 Regent Ave (unless someone else volunteers to host). We hope to have a similar if not larger turnout to keep the momentum moving forward and keep the pressure on.



Click here to read the action plan