Citizens For A Better Norwood

Friday, October 24, 2008

Channel 19: Norwood residents upset with Xavier students

Last night’s Channel 19 news broadcast did a story about the Norwood residents who are working with Xavier officials to solve the problem behavior of Xavier students living in our community. Norwood resident Cheryl Folley said her neighborhood isn’t quiet when Xavier is in session. “Every Thursday thought Sunday you get the anxiety of OK, it’s 9 o’clock, when are the parties going start…When you wake up on Friday and Saturday, there’s beer cans all over, there’s cups all over, just garbage all over the place, so it’s just that lack of respect,” she said. Cheryl is part of the grassroots movement resident Russell Johnson kicked off at a neighborhood picnic he hosted last Sunday.

Debora Del Valle, director of public relations at Xavier, told Channel 19, “They’ve come up with, from what I understand, a plan of action (see 10/21/08 blog below) to try and work out any problem they might encounter in that situation there.” Xavier student Natasha Salzl was asked what she thought about the residents’ plan, and she replied, "It's hard because we want to go out and have fun and live this college life, and at the same time we're in this neighborhood where they're raising families.”