Citizens For A Better Norwood

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Public Service Announcement about wind storm debris

Councilperson Steve Thornbury has talked with Norwood Public Works and tells us their official position is that if residents can bundle debris to Rumpke standards, please do so. That way the debris will be removed with your next regular pick-up and leave less for Public Works to have to do. If not, it may be as much as two or three weeks before Public Works can ultimately get the loose stuff sitting on the curbs shredded, but they will get to it.

Mr. Thornbury also contacted the Norwood Health Department, and they have assured him that they will not be hassling people in the next few weeks for brush and debris on the curb like they might in normal circumstances. The Health Department also reports having just brought in a new supply of yard waste bags citizens can pick-up for free to help with the bundling process.

Lastly, Mr. Thornbury says that Public Works is aware there are two major downed tree situations that involve power lines and that are still unresolved. P.W. is awaiting action on the part of Duke Energy. One tree is on Cypress Way, and the other is at Floral and Slane. At this time, P.W. could not give Mr. Thornbury any estimate of when Duke will be able to get to them.

4:45 PM UPDATE: Councilperson Michael Gabbard just sent us an email to share with our readers:

Just some info of benefit for our community. I just spoke with the Mayor, and he and Joe Geers taped a message to be run on cable Channel 4 about what to do with debris.
Place your debris at the curb, not in the street but like your garbage cans-at the curb.

Public Works will be touring the city collecting debris. We still have some residents that don’t have power and a few streets still closed, but the city is doing what it can to help get things back in order so PLEASE exercise patience.

I have witnessed several acts of neighbor helping neighbor,and it makes me even more proud to live in the wonderful city of Norwood.

Michael Gabbard