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Friday, September 12, 2008

Open letter from the West Norwood Neighborhood Association

Yesterday, Bill Graff with the West Norwood Neighborhood Association asked us to publish the following open letter from WNNA to Norwood community members. As you will see, the future of WNNA is in question, and that should concern us all. We’re crossing our fingers that some of our readers will be inspired to jump in and help save what is one of the most productive civic groups we have. For one thing, we all owe WNNA a big debt of gratitude for all the work they put into the recent forum with Xavier officials regarding Xavier Square and getting it aired on NCT - a huge public service to residents. How about a big, supportive turnout at their September meeting next week and keep this group going and growing?

West Norwood Neighborhood Association at a Crossroad

The West Norwood Neighborhood Association has successfully served the west Norwood residents as well as the Norwood community at large. The WNNA has held monthly meetings dealing with many quality of life issues for Norwood residents over the past 10 years. A non-political origination, the WNNA has tried to inform Norwood residents about issues that affect their lives on daily basis. Past issues addressed by the WNNA are to name a few: elections forums, 2 community Police substations, assisted in acquiring 800 MHz police radios for the NPD, organizing Citizens on Patrol city wide, Section 8 housing issues, Xavier East Campus project meeting with residents.

We view the WNNA as being at a crossroad in 2008. The number of residents attending the WNNA monthly meetings has dwindled to an all time low. We are asking Norwood residents what direction do you see for the WNNA in the future or what can we do differently? If the attendance at next Tuesday’s September 16th, 7:30 pm monthly meeting is as low as in the past year, it would show a lack of interest by the residents of continuing with the WNNA. If the residents at this meeting show no interest, current officers would reluctantly dissolve the WNNA. If active dues paying members and residents show interest by attending this meeting, we would take on new projects with members’ commitment and help.

Marlene E. Boehme

William A. Graff
Vice President

Maryann Teeter

Vivian C. Graff