Citizens For A Better Norwood

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lynn Ellis’ letter praising Norwood Citizens on Patrol

Recently, we obtained the following letter Norwood resident Lynn Ellis wrote to Lt. Tom Williams who sponsors Norwood Citizens on Patrol. Ms. Ellis’ account of an incident she witnessed at Kroger proves that COP volunteers are a valuable asset to our community. They’re always looking for new recruits to train for patrols. Call Lt. Williams at 458-4545 if you’d like to volunteer.

August 25,2008

Lt. Tom Williams:

I am writing to tell you about an experience I witnessed in evolving the Norwood Citizens on Patrol. The week of August the 19th, I was sitting in the Kroger parking lot watching a group of 4-5 teens dressed in white tees and wearing dew rags, playing loud music and harassing female customers going into the store. They had positioned themselves by the entrance of Krogers and Lees nails. As I was getting ready to go inform the sheriff on duty at Krogers, Norwood Citizens on Patrol came into the lot and walked the plaza sidewalk in front of the empty storefronts. The teenage boys were watching as they approached and at first didn’t seem phased by their appearance. The second group of citizens patrolling approached and both groups stayed in front of Lee Nails near the group of teens.

Citizens on Patrol stayed there until these kids were so uncomfortable that they left. That’s not all! The teens went across the street to stand in front of the Speedway watching the patrolling citizens. Citizens on Patrol crossed Montgomery Rd. and the teens seeing this, quickly dispersed.

I was impressed! All the Norwood Citizens on Patrol had to do was stand next to these troublemakers and that was enough to intimidate them.

Storeowners and neighborhoods need to welcome and encourage this group to keep up the good work and the word needs to get out to the thugs that Norwood isn’t going to take their behavior anymore. Having a group like Norwood Citizens on Patrol sends that message loud and clear and it is obvious from the reaction of these t gang wannabes that fled.

Thank you to the Citizens on Patrol, and thank you, Lt.Williams, for your work with this group.

Yours truly,

Lynn Ellis