Citizens For A Better Norwood

Monday, September 15, 2008

Aftermath of Sunday’s high winds

One of us got off easy from yesterday’s wind storm with no loss of electricity and just a panel of privacy fencing blown down. A friend who called wasn’t so lucky. She and her husband arrived home to find their chimney gone as well as parts of the roof, but the electricity was on. She said other homes on Carthage Avenue suffered damage, too. We pray none of our neighbors were injured by flying debris or any other mishap, that there weren’t any home or business fires, and that Duke Energy will quickly restore power to all who lost electricity. What’s the state of Norwood this morning? Are all six of our schools open today?

10:50 AM UPDATE: Duke Energy updates this Customer Outage Data by County Chart every five minutes. Currently, a total of 593,326 Duke customers without power, and 265,763 of these are in Hamilton County.